couples falconry

Couples Falconry Exists at This Resort

by Bryce Gruber

Honeymoon Goals

Get your honeymoon packing list ready, because couples falconry is officially a thing, and we’re the most excited we’ve been about a travel destination since the time we found out about the best dive-in movie theater of all time. Seriously.

If you’re wondering what falconry even is (we hear you — it’s kind of obscure and oozes royalty from the Middle Ages), describes it briefly as, “the sport of hunting with falcons or other birds of prey; the keeping and training of such birds.” All that is well and good, but falconry is so much cooler than that. It’s the art of connecting to a giant bird of prey while immersed in a totally natural setting, and learning to be your most zen self to get the job done without fear or apprehension. Frankly, we think it’s the ideal couples bonding adventure.

The Green Mountain Falconry School in Vermont allows Equinox Resort & Spa guests to take advantage of the rare opportunity to handle a trained hawk and learn about the art of falconry — even couples falconry — from master falconer Rob Waite, who has been practicing this rare animal artform for over 30 years after having trained in the United Kingdom. From now to October 31, guests can partake in introductory lessons and hawk walks. Imagine that. Hawk walks.

If you’re not into nonstop falconry, we understand, and suggest you check out the resort’s spa amenities — we hear they’re world-class.

Sessions are available for individuals, couples, and groups, and obviously provide the best Instagrams of everyone’s lifetime. During the Introduction to Falconry session, participants will get hands-on experience and learn how to fly a trained hawk. Rates start at $130 per person.

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