delta airplane themed wedding

This Couple Loves Travel So Much They Had a Delta Airplane-Themed Wedding

by Aly Walansky

This airplane themed wedding was high-flying fun

Couples connect over all sorts of things, from a shared favorite wine to a love of travel. And, if that relationship works out, chances are those common interests that brought them together will be showcased at their wedding.

For example, there was the Memphis couple that just threw themselves a Delta Airlines-themed wedding reception.  Apparently, the groom — 34-year-old Jeremy Simons – is a rabbi who often travels for work. So much so that he often feels like he’s married to his airline of choice – Delta!

delta airplane themed wedding

Simons and his bride, Bess Wohlner, actually fell in love while attending rabbinical school together and often flew out of Delta’s Los Angeles hub while on assignments as students. In fact, they realized each other was “the one”  while doing a SkyMiles “mileage run” together that involved traveling 47 hours together. After still liking each other after all that traveling (without even leaving the airport!) they realized their love was forever, and their airplane themed wedding was bound to happen.

delta airplane themed wedding

“I knew it was love when he handed off one of his upgrades and delivered his first-class meal to me from the front of the plane,” Wohlner said in a statement.

And so, it made sense that they went on to plan a wedding that was entirely in tribute to Delta, from décor, food, to even fashion. The wedding, which was held at Temple Israel in Memphis, was entirely Delta-branded, from the navy dresses and kippahs on the bridal party to a Biscoff cookie-flavored wedding cake.  There was even airport code table assignments and boarding lanes to line the dance floor.

delta airplane themed wedding

In news that surprises no one, the couple will be flying around the globe (via Delta) for their honeymoon.

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