CBD cocktails

CBD Cocktails: The Newest Sipping Trend

by Bryce Gruber

CBD cocktails are catching on

If you haven’t already heard of CBD cocktails. but you’re looking for key signature drinks for your upcoming events, you’ll be pleased to know you’re about to be ahead of the trend. CBD cocktails are exactly what they sound like — delicious cocktails spiked with a small amount of CBD oil, or the delightfully legal extract that comes from the marijuana plant.

Forget the old, hippy-dippy perception of weed — this stuff is gracing even the fanciest cocktails.

cbd cocktails

This particular drink, The Fermentor, was created by Buck Frisch, bar manager at Stowe Mountain Lodge in the mountains of Vermont, a popular wedding and honeymoon destination for ski-loving couples.

“I focused on creating some health-conscious CBD cocktails for our spa program at Stowe Mountain Lodge and teamed up with local companies,” shared Frisch of the CBD oil, kombucha, and vodka-made treat. “The kombucha is an organic, energy-packed beverage that is low in sugar. It contains beneficial enzymes, organic acids, and probiotics that restore your body back to its natural balance. We also teamed up with Silo Distillery to use a pure Vermont vodka that never leaves the state during its entire process.”

As if all that wasn’t enough to hop on the CBD cocktails train, Buck says the flavor of the CBD oil doesn’t add anything more than an, “Earthy and grassy flavor undertone.”

Are CBD cocktails even legal, though?

cbd cocktails with cbd oil
Credit: eskymaks

“CBD derived from cannabis plants with less than 0.3% THC is technically legal if the cannabis was grown outside the United States,” says Boris Shcharansky, COO of Papa & Barkley, a line of CBD oil-enhanced products, and founder of the Iowa Hemp Association. “CBD is the strongest anti-inflammatory found in nature. In medicinal cannabis plants with CBD concentrations above 8%, we have the most potent naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory agent in the world. CBD helps stabilize the functionality of our immune system.”

While it may be a reach to say CBD cocktails are actually health elixers (alcohol is still alcohol), we’re pretty sure it’s fair to say that the creative addition of CBD oil to already delicious cocktails can only be an improvement.

But will CBD cocktails get you high?

No, says Shcharansky. They’ll add some flavor, anti-inflammatory health benefits, and some excitement to your cocktail routine, but they won’t give you any psychoactive effects the way using the full marijuana plant, complete with THC, would.

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