Michelle Garside's camp wedding

This Camp Wedding is Summer Goals

by Bryce Gruber

This camp wedding was the ideal fun summer experience

Never heard of a camp wedding before? Michelle and Eric Garside’s super fun summer camp-style nuptials are about to change your idea of what a wedding could look like, and we think this real wedding will go down in history as one of the most creative displays of love.

camp wedding party

“Our camp wedding was a mix between an over the top bat mitzvah of the 90s, and all things camp,” explains the bride, Michelle. “Think choreographed dances, literally hundreds of inflatable instruments and masks, hats, and unicorn heads. We had a full schedule of camp wedding-style activities like boating, dance classes, nature walks to the Hudson River, yoga, ropes courses, rock walls, bonfires, singalongs, and fireworks.” The couple even made sure guests had access to flower arranging classes so they could help style their own big wedding bouquets.

camp wedding nuptials

camp wedding with swim floats

The entire camp wedding experiences for the Garsides was a two night, three day extravaganza to commemorate their falling in love at Soul Camp, the adult sleepaway camp Michelle co-founded. “We as a couple stand for all that camp stands for,” said Michelle of how her love story and work intertwined. “Joy, adventure, fun, games, hysterical belly laughs, s’mores, community, bonfire songs — we wanted to bring everyone we knew and loved into that world for our wedding, and to give them the gift of camp!”

The only things missing from this gorgeous camp wedding scene are fun sprinklers and booze-shaped lake floats.

camp wedding

camp wedding complete with a unicorn head

The couple chose camp wedding-style comfort foods for their guests like macaroni and cheese, homemade pies, salmon, and more. Guests were also treated to a full Fourth of July-style fireworks show that lasted fifteen minutes, access to zip lining (even while donning perfect wedding guest hair), and full-on ropes course action.

camp wedding of Michelle and Eric

All images credited to Hanna Agar Photography
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