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3 Bridal Hair Color Tips to Live By

by Bryce Gruber

Try these easy bridal hair color tips

If you’re the type to highlight, single-process, gloss, glaze, or do anything else that’s exciting for your tresses, you need to know there are some tried-and-true bridal hair color rules that are simply non-negotiable. Getting your wedding hair right is as important, if not more, than carrying the right big wedding bouquet or finding the world’s most comfortable wedding shoes.

We caught up with celebrity master colorist, Sharon Dorram of Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon in New York to get all the details on getting the perfect bridal hair color.

Go slightly lighter right before your big day

bridal hair color
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“One of my favorite bridal hair color tips is to lighten your look by half a shade to a full shade before your wedding,” Sharon told BridalPulse exclusively. “It’s hardly noticeable to the people in your life, but when you get your photos back from one of the most important days of your entire life, you’ll see a much nicer and more photogenic version of yourself. If you normally highlight or lighten your hair, going just a little lighter will make you really pop on camera — and those pictures are forever.”

Test the hair color you’re thinking of well in advance

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“If you’re thinking of changing your hair color more than a shade or so before your wedding, definitely do it a few months in advance to test out if you like the way you look,” Sharon explained. “Making a move from brunette to redhead is really dramatic, and you’d hate to be held to a bridal hair color you’re not really in love with. Plus, you’re supposed to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day — your hair is a major part of that.”

Aside from just testing the way it looks, it may also be important to get acquainted with the best ways to care for your new ‘do, because the last thing you’d want is to invest a lot of time and money into your wedding hair, only to end up with crunchy, dried out ends or subpar honeymoon hair.

Get your official bridal hair color done a week in advance

bridal hair color
Sharon Dorram’s hair artistry is the stuff legends are made of

Once you’ve committed to your ideal bridal hair color (either after having tried it in advance or opting for a slightly lighter shade), Sharon says it’s important to get it done about a week before your wedding. “Most hair color needs a little time to settle, and that usually happens within the first wash, or seven to ten days after the initial coloring. Most women really love the way their color looks sometime between the first and second week after it was done.”

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