Legendary MUA Bobbi Brown Shares Her Secret to Perfect Wedding Makeup

by Bryce Gruber

Hint: it’s a color you’d never expect.

When we caught up with legendary makeup artist to the stars and inspiration to the entire world of beauty, Bobbi Brown, we knew she’d have a few beauty tricks up her sleeve — but we had no idea her secret to perfect wedding makeup was based on a color most would never consider for their wedding day and eating a super healthy diet of kale and avocados (you’re officially free to scoop some guac out after your avocado proposals).

Credit: Kitty Chen

While loading up on kale and avocado seems like a rational response from the arguable boss of realistic beauty and justBobbi.com, a modern lifestyle platform full of wellness and beauty wisdom, the idea that all women can benefit from a yellow-toned foundation on their wedding day blew us away.

Bobbi Brown

“You want to look like yourself, at your best, on your wedding day — so enhance your favorite features,” Bobbi told BridalPulse exclusively. Make sure to use long-wear eye products in case there are tears, and use a yellow-toned foundation that blends seamlessly into your skin.”

It turns out yellow-tinged foundations offer your natural face a slightly-warmer-than-natural glow, which is everything you could ever dream of on camera. It’s a secret that celebrity makeup artists like Bobbi have been using for decades to give red carpet stunners their most photogenic faces.

“Apply a sheer powder, especially onto your t-zone, so you don’t look shiny in pictures. A pretty, pink cheek will always stand the test of time.”

Bobbi’s preferred pink tint, available here.

Bobbi, who is also opening an impossibly chic boutique hotel, The George Montclair, in New Jersey, says this near-magical beauty combination works for most skintones and results in long-lasting, perfect wedding makeup that you’ll want to recreate time and time again.

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