big white smile on a bride

5 Tips for a Big White Smile on Your Wedding Day

by Bryce Gruber

Say Cheese!

Aiming for a big white smile on your wedding day so all your photos come out perfect the first time around? Well sure, there are a lot of photo editing and makeup tricks to achieve the look, but if you want a completely real, big white smile in person and on camera, you’ll need to change a few habits with haste.

Eat more veggies

Food for sex drive

“Hard, fibrous veggies have been shown to help clean teeth naturally, thus leaving them whiter,” says Lawrence Fung, DDS and cosmetic dentist at Silicon Beach Dental.

Consume more dairy products

“Dairy products will increase the strength of your enamel with calcium, leaving them less prone to staining.” Sounds like a good excuse to load up on frozen yogurt — especially since probiotics can fight acne, too. Or go full monty and order that cheese wedding cake.

Use a natural whitening toothpaste

hello activated charcoal toothpaste for a big white smile

“A personal favorite of mine is the Hello Products Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste, which contains sustainable bamboo, a natural detoxifier and odor-reducer that’s super-effective at safely whitening and polishing. In addition, it contains xylitol, which is great for cavity protection.”

Check your toothbrush

“Switching to an electric toothbrush can increase how white your teeth are. Brushing with a high quality toothbrush two to three times daily is great for removing plaque, which harbors bacteria that can cause staining.”

big white smile on your wedding day

Yikes! We love the Quip electric toothbrush in rose gold, because heck, if you’re going to shop for a new toothbrush, you should love the way it looks, right?

Avoid stain-causing foods leading up to your wedding

Nobody is saying to give up coffee forever, but maybe just go easy on it in the weeks leading up to your wedding. “Coffee, tea, wine, sports drinks, and even berries and tomato sauce can lead to tooth discoloration,” explains Fung. “Turmeric, while it’s great for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, can lead to even more tooth discoloration. If you’re going to enjoy some stain-causing foods, be sure to rinse immediately after.

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