best wedding song ever, by emily hackett

Best Wedding Song Ever? Emily Hackett Dishes on Her Viral Success

by Bryce Gruber

Best wedding song ever? The internet thinks so.

If you don’t already know the viral singer and songwriter known as Emily Hackett, get acquainted, because her song, “Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)” has about 20 million views on it now, and counts a near endless stream of new couples as people she’s melodied right into matrimony. If you ask YouTube subscribers, it’s the best wedding song ever — or at least in recent years.

“I was writing it for a really close friend, so there was something that wanted me to keep it very personal to them, but also strike a chord with other married couples in the audience,” Emily shared with BridalPulse exclusively. “Basically saying, promise me forever and I’ll do my best.”

best wedding song ever, by emily hackett
Emily Hackett

Obviously that’s a sentiment just about every forever-committed couple can relate to, and Emily Hackett is no exception — the singer is newly married herself, citing her fresh vows as a source of inspiration for her artistry and what much of the internet thinks is the best wedding song ever. Just imagine this playing at your perfect beachside Malibu wedding, carrying your big wedding bouquet, and gazing into your soulmate’s eyes. Perfect, right?

“I just finished my first full-length album. It was a wonderful process and I’m thrilled to get it out there,” but when asked if she expected her YouTube single to be such a hit, she modestly told us it was all a surprise. “I had always just looked at it for what it was, just a sweet wedding song I wrote. It wasn’t until the man I end up marrying encouraged me to release it and to give it the life he felt it deserved. He has been there all along — since he first recorded the original demo.”

Have a listen for yourself, and you’ll see why millions of people can’t get enough of her song:

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