beach wedding makeup

This Beach Wedding Makeup is Totally Waterproof

by Bryce Gruber

Have no fear of the water

Unless you’re concerned about your wedding dress or hair getting wet, good news — a new line of totally waterproof beach wedding makeup just hit the market, and we’re beyond excited about it. Why? Because aside from being beach and pool-friendly, you can bawl your eyes out under your wedding canopy without risk of ruining your flawless beauty look, and there’s something to be said for that.

The new waterproof, sweatproof and weatherproof beauty line, Cargo Cosmetics Swimmables Collection, offers waterproof blushes, bronzers, eye pencils, eye shadow sticks, brow pencils, lip pencils and liquid lipsticks perfect for summer weather and ideal for beach wedding makeup kits.

beach wedding makeup

The line includes just about everything you’d need for a full bridal face, is long-lasting, and will take you from ceremony tears to cake smushing and post-reception pool dunks.

beach wedding makeup blush by cargo cosmetics

We had a chance to give the line a whirl and we’re especially excited about the eyeliners and browliners, which are often hard to find in good waterproof formulas, but we’re even more enthusiastic about the blushes. Why? Because imagine yourself kissing oodles of relatives and friends with hot, sweaty cheeks at your beach wedding. Half a dozen kisses deep and your very expensive, very professional photo-ready face will be a mess of smudges and improper contouring. You can’t have that, which is one of our top reasons for being obsessed with this new line for big occasions that involve heat, sweat, and water.

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