Girls Just Want To Have Fun! Bachelorette Party Alcohol Guide by LIQS

by BridalPulse

Ah! The Bachelorette party! This is a very important stage of the wedding process and there are several ways for girls to have fun! The bridesmaids get one last night with the bride before the big day and they always want to make it a memorable one for their friend. To me, this night is about spending quality time with your friends, toasting to a happily ever after, sharing stories from the past and sharing DRINKS! Whether the bachelorette party is bar hopping, a house party, a rooftop party or even a Las Vegas trip, the night generally involves alcohol.

bachelorette party alcohol guide
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Since the bachelorette party is a group outing, why not have drinks that everyone can enjoy? Here are a few shots and drinks that are designed for a group to enjoy.

The Shot Ski

The Shot Ski (ShotSki, shot-ski or shotzski) is a fun way to take shots with your friends at exactly the same time. Most Shot Ski’s have four shot glasses glued atop a snow ski so that the shot takers have to work together to tilt the ski at the same time to take the shots. Some Shot Ski shot glasses are even designed to look like ski boots to stick with the theme. No matter the design, this shot is always fun to take with your ladies…or your man!

bachelorette party alcohol guide - shot ski
Image Credit: Dan Stewart Photography

The Flaming Lamborghini

Now, the Flaming Lamborghini may look very intimidating because—well, it’s on fire. Don’t let a little fire stop you from trying this shot/drink. It is made with Kahlua, Sambuca, Blue Curacao and Baileys—oh, did I mention the glasses are staked to make a tower? Oops! The shot is in a cocktail glass at the bottom of many staked glasses so the shot has to be taken with a straw while the glasses are on fire. This shot is sure to make a lasting impression on the bachelorette party.

bachelorette party alcohol guide - the flaming lamborghini
Image Credit: Left: Hany Soliman on Flickr; Right: Ian Kuo on Flickr

The Fish Bowl

The Fish Bowl drink is a perfect example of a drink that can be taken to a table in a bar or made at home for a house bachelorette party. It is not a shot but rather a punch so you can sip the drink as you take in the night’s planned events. Fish Bowls are made differently depending on where you order if from, however I have a great recipe to try if you make your own.

10-ounces of vodka, 10-ounces of coconut rum, 12- ounces of sweet and sour mix, 6-ounces of Blue Curacao, 20-ounces of pineapple juice, 32- ounces of lemon-lime soda (or sprite), ice and fruit slices of your choice.

bachelorette party alcohol guide - the fish bowl
Image Credit: Michelle P on Tablespoon


You cannot go wrong with just drinking and taking shots together but if you are looking for something different to share with your friends then these are my top recommendations. Of course, you can always take the traditional shots and drinks with the “dirty” and “inappropriate” names that are actually appropriate for the occasion. After all, it is a bachelorette party!



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