Most Flattering Wedding Dresses For Your Arms

by BridalPulse

There are a million guides on the web on how to tone your arms so that they’re ready to be shown off on the big day. Going sleeveless, however, isn’t the only way of showing off your arms — just like wearing long sleeves is the only way to flatter arms you don’t necessarily love.

If you don’t exactly adore your arms, don’t immediately think you need to hide them. The trick isn’t seeing your arms as something to hide; rather, they’re something that needs to be accentuated so they can be in their best light.

Here are our favorite tips and tricks for toning down your arms (no fitness tips here, we promise!)

Sheer Sleeves

Arm Flattering Wedding Dresses
Jasmine Bridal

Opting for long sleeves doesn’t have to mean hiding your arms! A sheer sleeve will act as an airbrush tool for your arms and will give the illusion of even skin tone. Add as much (or as little) lace detailing as you’d like! The lace on this Jasmine Bridal gown adds a bit of flair to an otherwise plain sleeve and is a great pick for girls both looking to draw eyes on or away from their arms.

Bell Sleeves

Arm Flattering Wedding Dresses
Sottero and Midgley

A bell sleeve (or a poet or flared sleeve, you pick) creates the illusion of slimmer arms by flaring out at the elbow. If you were looking to hide your upper arms, this is the way to do it! This Sottero and Midgley gown is perfect for brides that want to downplay their arms but don’t feel like going for a traditional long-sleeve dress.

Covered shoulders

Arm Flattering Wedding Dresses
Sassi Holford

If the idea of exposing your shoulders and upper arms doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, try using a longer veil or shawl to keep your shoulders in check. This Sassi Holford gown keeps your upper arms covered, yet the exposed back still lends plenty of sex appeal.

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