Angelina Pivarnick

EXCLUSIVE! Angelina Pivarnick of Jersey Shore Dishes on Pre-Wedding Implants

by Bryce Gruber

She’s not holding back

If you’re already obsessed with Thursday night’s biggest hit on cable television, the reboot of Jersey Shore on MTV, you probably felt all the feelings when you saw Angelina Pivarnick return to the show recently. It was a big deal, and we’re pretty sure the news echoed around New Jersey — all the way from Bergen County to Atlantic City. The biggest news, though? Angelina got breast implants, and there’s a very wedding-related reason.

“I lost a lot of weight since I was last on the show,” Pivarnick told BridalPulse. “In my 20s I didn’t really care about what I ate or if I exercised, but later on I really started taking care of myself, and lost a lot of weight. And then I noticed my boobs were really saggy. I knew Snooki had her breasts done, so I reached out to her about what it’d be like to get implants.”

angelina pivarnick before plastic surgery
Before breast implants, credit: Instagram

Snooki, also called Nicole, has famously shown off her breast implants just about everywhere she’s visible — and has given her New Jersey-based plastic surgeon, John Paul Tutela, a ringing endorsement.

“I knew Snooki had the best doctor, but I didn’t know how good Dr. Tutela was until I met him,” she said of her consultation. “He’s the sweestest, and I didn’t feel weird with him, which is a lot for me to say because I’m petrified of surgery.”

If you’re wondering just how deep Angelina Pivarnick’s insecurities surrounding her breasts ran, grab a shovel and a miner’s hat, because the reality TV star’s inhibitions were significant enough that she refused to even have her bra off during sex with her soon-to-be-husband, Chris.

angelina pivarnick and fiancé
Angelina Pivarnick and fiancé

“I would try not to look in the mirror because I was so insecure. I’d only look at my face in my little compact because I didn’t want to see myself, and then during sex? Oh my god, forget about it. I wouldn’t even take my shirt or bra off during sex, and Chris was okay with that. He just knew I didn’t feel good about myself, so he never pressured me,” she said of her 41 year old fiancé. “I knew I wanted a better life with Chris, and it was unfair that I’d be so insecure even with him — and he’s the sweetest, nicest guy in the world. He’s never said anything negative to me, but I knew I had to do it for me to feel secure with him.”

She went into Dr. Tutela’s operating room as a self-reported “saggy 34C” and now, roughly eight weeks later, is finally seeing the fruits of his labor, which will likely end up being perky 34DD breasts.

angelina pivarnick breast implants
One month post-op

“We were going to go a little smaller, but I went a little bigger with silicone, which Dr. Tutela said would be a good idea, and I’m so happy I did,” she said. “Dr. Tutela has such a good eye that he could see exactly what he needed to do without making me nervous at all — and I was so nervous — but it turns out he has the hands of a god, because he did the best job.”

Aside from working on Angelina and Snooki’s breasts, the same doctor has enhanced the life of Mike “The Situation” from Jersey Shore as well — by giving his fiancé, Lauren Pesce, breast implants as well.

“The biggest impact of my new boobs,” shared Angelina, “is really just how good I feel, and how much healthier my relationship is now. My fiancé and me have known each other for 14 years, and it was never the right timing till recently, and I really want to make this work and be perfect. I keep telling myself the third time is the charm.”

Angelina was engaged twice before, and neither of the previous relationships ended in marriage.

“My ex-fiancé would never let me do surgery, and never supported my homes and dreams and desires to get over my insecurities. Chris, though, he just wants me to do literally anything that makes me happy. He would’ve been happy either way, breasts or not, but he is so happy now that I feel proud of myself and confident.”

angelina pivarnick breast implants
Credit: Instagram

Pivarnick adds that she thinks self-enhancing surgeries are good for anyone in need of a self-esteem boost.

“I feel so good and so confident now, and if I could scream from the rooftops how good Dr. Tutela is, I would. He’s the best, and I feel so lucky that I got to go through this experience with a doctor I trust, and a few weeks later I’m confident enough to be naked in front of the man I’m going to marry. I never thought I’d feel this good.”

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