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Signature cocktails of the bride & groom you’ll love

Open bars are great but what happens when you want more than wine, beer, and champagne to offer your guests? Signature cocktail drinks chosen by the bride and groom have become a big hit at weddings (this year’s CBD cocktails trend is taking off like wild). The newlyweds generally chose two or more of their favorite cocktail drinks to add to the open bar menu for their guests to try. It’s such a cute way to continue sharing personal details about your new lives together with your loved ones!

Signature Cocktails of the Bride & Groom
Image via Fortuna Events

The newly-weds get to come up with names for their drinks or pick drinks with names that add to the fun and creativity of their signature drink. This allows the bride and groom to personalize their wedding even more and quite possibly offer their guests something they have never had before.

Some cute drink names for the bride’s signature cocktail are “The Blushing Bride”, “Lucky in Love”, “Something Blue”, “Love is Intoxicating” and “Wedding Bell-ini.”

For the groom, we recommend drinks names such as  “Whiskey, Rock & Roll”, “Blue-eyed Groom”, “Something New” and “The Best Man”.

Signature Cocktails of the Bride & Groom signs
Images by Christine Bentley Photography

Most of the drink recipes stop at title alone; it is up to the bride and groom to come up with their own mix. One of the more popular signature cocktail names is “Something Blue” which is any combination of mixers and alcohol that make up the shade of blue that you are trying to achieve. “Something New” is one name that will allow you lots of creativity when crafting your signature cocktail. It can literally be anything you would like to put on the menu under that title! Normally, brides and grooms use vodka as the main ingredient in these drinks since it allows so much flexibility, but the best part about signature cocktails is that they are supposed to reflect your personality!

Here are 6 of our Favorite Signature Cocktail Recipes for your Wedding Day!


Signature Cocktails of the Bride & Groom signs
Left: Dana Cubbage Weddings; Right: Todd Pellow

Top Signature Cocktails for the Bride:

  1. Blushing Bride: peach schnapps, champagne and grenadine
Signature Cocktails of the Bride & Groom - blushing bride
Image by Pictillio
  1. Lucky in Love: Honey Dew, Mint, Vanilla Vodka, Cointreau, Didori Reserve, lime juice and champagne.
Signature Cocktails of the Bride & Groom - lucky in love
Image by the Floridian Social
  1. Something Blue (for a teal shade of blue): Tequila, sweet and sour mix, rum, sprite, vodka, gin and blue curacao.
Signature Cocktails of the Bride & Groom - something blue
Image by Julie Mikos

Top Signature Cocktails for the Groom:

  1. The Best Man: Crown Royal and coke
Signature Cocktails of the Bride & Groom - the best man
Image by Two Birds Photography
  1. Whiskey Sour: whiskey, lemon juice and simply syrup with a cherry and orange slice to garnish the rim.
Signature Cocktails of the Bride & Groom - whiskey sour
Image from Jelly Toast Blog
  1. Tequila-Cinnamon-Orange Premium Mixed Shot: cinnamon, orange and premium tequila blended together in a ready to drink shot from LIQS.

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Signature Cocktails of the Bride & Groom - tequila cinnamon orange premium shot LIQS
Image by LIQS

The groom’s drinks are generally a whiskey-based drink or a mixed drink much stronger than the bride’s drink. But every couple is different and it is important to make your signature drinks your own!

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