5 things every maid of honor should know

5 Ways to be a Rock Star Maid of Honor

by BridalPulse
5 things every maid of honor should know
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It’s an amazing honor to stand next to your best friend as her Maid of Honor when she ties the knot. Here are a few ways that you can help your bride-to-be through the wedding planning process AND have an incredible time celebrating together.

1. Get Social!

When your bestie first gets engaged, she will likely feel completely overwhelmed by all of the different resources available online. Help her stay sane by creating a few joint Pinterest boards and searching for new inspirational Instagram accounts to follow. This is also a really easy way to help the bride get started with wedding planning even if you live in a different city or state.  There’s absolutely no travel involved!

2. Act as the Bridesmaid Point Person

Throughout the months leading up to the wedding, bridal party members are going to have plenty of questions. Help the bride field extra emails (she’ll already have tons from family members and wedding vendors). You can start by introducing yourself to all of the bridesmaids over email. Let them know that they can contact you for questions regarding the bridesmaid dresses, pre-wedding events, and logistics for the big day.

3. Host a Bachelorette Bash and/or a Bridal Shower

5 things every maid of honor should know
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Typically the Maid of Honor takes charge of the bachelorette party with the help of the bridesmaids. First, make sure you chat with the bride about what location and type of bachelorette party she envisions. Then checkout The Bach to find the perfect venues, build an itinerary and coordinate with all of the guests. You and the gals will be celebrating in no time!

With destination bachelorette parties gaining so much popularity, there is a growing trend for close family members of the bride to host the shower instead of the bridal party. Definitely check with the bride or her family first before planning one. If you are in charge of hosting, choose a fun theme that fits your bride’s personality.

4. Make a Meaningful Maid of Honor Toast

5 things every maid of honor should know
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Take a deep breath; this part doesn’t have to be terrifying. You can start with a personal story about your friendship and even include a joke or two (just don’t mention any ex-boyfriends!) Filling the crowd in on the backstory about how the happy couple first got together is also usually a crowd pleaser. Still need help? Here are a few more tips for giving a great maid of honor speech.

5. Hit the Dance Floor!

One of the things brides worry about the most is making sure that their guests have a blast. During the wedding help keep the party going on the dance floor. (The bride will definitely thank you later). Grab your date or your bridesmaid crew in between courses and speeches so that there is also a presence on the dance floor. The rest of the guests will follow your lead.



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