swarovski wedding cake

This is What a 15K Swarovski Wedding Cake Looks Like

by Bryce Gruber

Too expensive to eat?

It’s no secret that designer wedding dresses and posh honeymoon packing lists can be seriously expensive, but most people don’t consider their wedding cakes to be one of the most expensive line items in their wedding budget. Unless of course they’re considering a giant Swarovski wedding cake.

Palace Resorts, one of the best collections of wedding, honeymoon, and earlymoon resort properties on the planet, just whipped up a seriously regal cake for a recently hosted wedding. Executive weddings pastry chef, Marelis Teran, oversaw the creation of a $15,000 Swarovski crystal-encrusted, nine tier wedding cake for 850 people. Let’s take a minute to digest that — someone had 850 people at their wedding, and was thoughtful enough to make sure everyone had crystal-encrusted cake.

swarovski wedding cake

The Swarovski wedding cake was comprised of over 1,500 handmade sugar flowers and 10,000 sugar flower petals including roses, peonies, anemones, and hydrangeas. It was basically a big wedding bouquet that was edible, and guests were obsessed with all the detailed work that went into it. If you’re wondering, it was made of vanilla cake and topped with vanilla ganache.


“I am beyond excited to join the Palace Resorts weddings team,” said Marelis of her addition to Palace Resorts, the five star all-inclusive resort chain with properties in Mexico and the Caribbean. “It became evident to me that the brand knows no limits when it comes to offering their guests unmatched experiences. My philosophy is the same — whatever a couple craves, no matter how intangible it seems, can be made into something palpable and incredible. So much so, that their eyes will fill with tears of joy the moment they see their cake become a reality.”

It’s time to get your bridal swimwear ready, obviously.

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