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Registry Month: Must-Haves For Your Kitchen

by BridalPulse

All month long, we’re focusing on one of the most important parts of wedding planning: registry checklists! First up on our list is arguably the most important room in your entire house: the kitchen!

Let’s be real: the kitchen is at the center of your home. Whether you’re a budding chef or your idea of “whipping something together” involves calling your local favorite takeout joint, having a well-equipped kitchen is a must for any couple.

The most important thing to remember when starting your registry is to be realistic: unless you and your hubby are regularly preparing complicated meals, you probably won’t need hyper-niche tools (besides, does anyone actually use a brussel sprout tool?) Don’t get too overwhelmed, either: trust us, you definitely  don’t need six different cutting boards, no matter how fancy they look.

Here’s what you DO need:

A Cast-Iron Skillet

Wedding Registry Kitchen Essentials

You don’t have to be a chef to know the benefits of having a killer cast-iron skillet. These bad boys are known for excellent heat retention, which makes it a must-have from both stovetop and oven use. They’re an essential for everything from pancakes to cookies and, of course, steak. You can even use the skillet as a serving tool (skillet mac and cheese, anyone?). Be prepared to own this skillet for years to come — it really does get better with age.

A Knife Set

Wedding Registry Kitchen Essentials

Sorry, but those old IKEA knives you got for your first post-college apartment just don’t cut it. Throw a set of fancy knives on your registry wishlist: they’ll last longer, stay sharper, and won’t do that weird jiggly thing with the handle when you accidentally drop them on your kitchen counter.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the dozens of different knives out there and just put down a set that has all the basics that you’ll need day-to-day (a bread knife, a kitchen knife and a utility knife are pretty standard.)

A Slow Cooker

Wedding Registry Kitchen Essentials

No matter how much of a pro you or your boo are in the kitchen, both of you will need (and use!) a slow cooker. Not only can you create hearty stews, melt-in-your-mouth chicken and amazing pulled pork, but it’s great for couples that prefer to prep their meals for the week ahead. Sure, it might not be the sexiest thing to put on your registry, but a slow cooker will save both of your takeout-obsessed lives many times over.

A hand blender

Wedding Registry Kitchen Essentials

Forget a Vitamix — a hand blender is all you really need. Get one that can crush ice, chop veggies and also has a whisk attachment (for all the whipped cream you or your hubby will make by hand, duh.)

Classic Dinnerware

Wedding Registry Kitchen Essentials No matter how tempted you and your significant other are by cool-looking fancy dinnerware, opt for a 16- or 20-piece set that will never go out of style in a classic white. It will always look sophisticated, sleek and will work for virtually every dinner party theme. Plus, if you do break a cup or a plate, finding a replacement that looks similar won’t be too difficult.

Measuring Cups

Wedding Registry Kitchen Essentials

Hear us out! Yes, they’re inexpensive and something a newlywed couple can totally snag for themselves one day, but will you really? Measuring cups are the kind of things that you always think you’re going to buy yourself then inevitably put it off in favor for “eyeballing” for certain recipes. Just put the measuring cups on your registry. Seriously, save yourself (and your budding baking career) just a tad.

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