5 Ways To Include Pets In Your Engagement Shoot

by BridalPulse

If you have a pet, you know that they will always be the other party in your relationship. Any chance of monogamy flies out the window when Princess, Fluffy or Spot come into play (but who’s complaining?) Besides, according to Fido, all of your engagement photoshoot ideas better involve him and his slobbery face.

Needless to say, your pooch, kitty or goldfish probably played a role in your real relationship (sorry, Mr. Whiskers) and they need to be appreciated for their input. Think of all the nights they spent kicked off the bed and moved off their spot on the couch! Think of all the cuddles they sacrificed and the reserved laps they couldn’t nap on! If anyone outside of you and your hubby deserves to be in your engagement photos, it’s poor old Patches!

While your photographer is probably going to give you plenty of ideas on how to involve your pup or cat in your photoshoot, here are our favorite engagement photoshoot ideas with pets.

Make Them Announce It

Engagement Photoshoot Ideas With Pets
Credit: Eureka Photography

Hey, Sprinkles is just as excited as you are about the addition of a new member to your tribe. Their human’s getting married, so let them be the ones to break the news!

If you have a big pup, try tying an announcement around their neck. If they’re a smaller breed or a cat, perch them next to it.

Snap Them Holding The Ring

Engagement Photoshoot Ideas With Pets
Credit: Brilliant Earth

Word to the wise: don’t try to perch your ring atop Puff’s nose if Puff has a history of eating small, sparkly objects. Save yourself a trip to the vet and a (very thorough) jewelry cleaner.

Let Them Interrupt (For Once)

Engagement Photoshoot Ideas With Pets
Credit: Sphynge Photography

Your hubby is wedging himself between you and Ginger, so it’s only fair to let Ginger get in-between you two, too. Ginger will appreciate the attention and you’ll love the startled face she makes when you and your boo lean in for a kiss.

Have More Than One Pet? Link Them Up!

Engagement Photoshoot Ideas With Pets
Credit: Julie Harris Photography

Do both you and your partner have pups? Do you have more than one? Snap the two (or three, or however many you have!) together. Let them get acclimated to being each-other’s brothers- and sisters-in-law.

Most Importantly, Just Let Them Be Themselves

Credit: DnK Photography

Is your pooch happiest when he’s showering you with kisses? Does your cat want nothing more than to climb on your shoulder? Let your pets do what they do best: go wild.

Remember the cardinal rule of taking photos with your furry other halves: have someone on hand (beside the photographer) to take care of your pets while you’re taking your other shots. Also, be sure to pack plenty of treats for the photoshoot’s real star.