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5 Reasons To Have a Cayman Islands Honeymoon (Giveaway!)

by BridalPulse

After planning the biggest day of your life, there’s only one thing you and your loved one need (okay, two, if you want to include an extra slice of wedding cake): a beautiful honeymoon. We teamed up with the Cayman Islands to bring you an essential guide on how to have a perfect honeymoon in tropical paradise. Even better yet, you and your loved one can win a 4-night stay at the Cayman Islands’ premier hotel, Caribbean Club! What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling for our guide on a perfect Cayman Islands honeymoon!

The breathtaking beach

Cayman Islands Honeymoon Guide

Don’t forget your sunnies and bikini, because the most important thing a honeymoon needs is a BEACH! Luckily, the Cayman Islands deliver not just a stunning beach — they deliver seven miles of it! Seven Mile Beach is world-renowned for its coral sand and stunning reefs that beckon snorkelers from around the globe. The beach was even voted “Caribbean’s Best Beach” by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. Your honeymoon wouldn’t be complete without a luxurious stroll on the pristine sandy beach and a pit stop at one of the beach-side bars.

And speaking of bars…

The gastronomical delights

Cayman Islands Honeymoon Guide

The only thing that’s as important as the beach on your dream honeymoon? The cuisine! The Cayman Islands makes sure you’re well taken care of in that department, with LUCA, a modern Italian restaurant with views of the iconic Seven Mile Beach. With fresh, in-house-made pasta and mouthwatering seafood dishes, you know you’re in for a culinary experience unlike any other.

The unbelievable romance

Cayman Islands Honeymoon Guide

The Cayman Islands and love go hand-in-hand! The islands are home to some of the most romantic spots in the world, from the stunning Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park to the made-for-Instagram Lover’s Wall. If you and your hubby are the adventurous types, there’s plenty to explore on the three islands! And if you and your partner are homebodies, you’ll be delighted by the luxurious-yet-relaxed feel of The Caribbean Club. After all, you two did just plan a wedding — time to relax!

The adventure

Cayman Islands Honeymoon Guide

Heads up, couples who can’t sit still: the Cayman Islands got you covered. Case-in-point: Stingray City. The “city” comprises of several shallow sandbars and is home to friendly southern stingrays. You and your hubby can pet and interact with the beautiful creatures, and create memories (and snaps) to last a lifetime!

The unparalleled beauty

Cayman Islands Honeymoon Guide

Imagine this: relaxing in your Caribbean Club suite, watching the sun rise over the stunning Seven Mile Beach with you and your loved one. Or, if you’re more of a night owl, getting a chance to watch the bio-luminescent waters surrounding the island of Grand Cayman while enveloped in the arms of your life partner.

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